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Dr. Christopher Sheklian (Radboud University), Themes in Armenian StudiesArmenian Liturgy and the Politics of Belonging in Turkey

Interviewed by Nora Lessersohn (University College London)

[Released June 5, 2021]

Narek Manukyan (Paradigma Education Foundation), Guidebook on History Teaching: Why, How? [In Armenian] (Yerevan: Paradigma Educational Foundation)

Interviewed by Varak Ketsemanian (Ph.D. Student, Princeton University)

Dr. David ZakarianWomen, Too, Were Blessed: The Portrayal of Women in Early Christian Armenian Texts, Armenian Texts and Studies, Volume: 4, Brill 2021

Interviewed by Erin Piñon (Ph.D. Student, Princeton University)

[Released May 11, 2021]

Prof. Vahram Shemmassian (California State University, Northridge), The Armenians of Musa Dagh: From Obscurity to Genocide Resistance and Fame 1840-1915 (Fresno, CA: The Press, California State University, Fresno, 2020)

Interviewed by Prof. Bedross Der Matossian (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)

[April 21, 2021]

Dr. Khatchig Mouradian (Library of Congress), The Resistance Network: The Armenian Genocide and Humanitarianism in Ottoman Syria, 1915–1918 (Michigan: Michigan State University Press, 2021)

Interviewed by Dr. Asya Darbinyan (Clark University)

[April 8, 2021]

Dr. Haig Utidjian (Charles University, Prague), Tntesean and the Music of the Armenian Hymnal (Červený Kostelec: Pavel Mervart, 2017)

Interviewed by Dr. Brigitta Davidjants (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre)

(March 3, 2021)

Prof. Khachig Tölölyan (Wesleyan University), Reflections on Armenian/Diaspora Studies VI

Interviewed by Dr. Vahe Sahakyan (University of Michigan, Dearborn)

[February 9, 2021]

Richard AntaramianBrokers of Faith, Brokers of Empire: Armenians and the Politics of Reform in the Ottoman Empire (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2020)

Interviewed by Dr. Dzovinar Derderian (American University of Armenia)

[January 19, 2021]

Joanne Laycock and Francesca Piana (eds.) Aid to Armenia: Humanitarianism and Intervention from the 1890s to the Present (Humanitarianism: Key Debates and New Approaches) (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2020)

Interviewed by Dr. Asya Darbinyan (Clark University)

[November 5, 2020]

Dr. Stephen Badalyan RieggRussia's Entangled Embrace: The Tsarist Empire and the Armenians, 1801-1914 (Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2020)

Interviewed by Dr. Asya Darbinyan (Clark University)

[September 16, 2020]

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